Back In Business

Was Israel’s attack on Gaza a success or a failure? It’s probably too early to tell, but this isn’t a good sign: Palestinian tunnelers are back in business, repairing smuggling tunnels to Egypt that were damaged by Israeli bombs and missiles, and building new ones:

Abu Rahman’s own tunnel was quite seriously damaged, and 10 workers were shoveling underground to get it working again.

“It should take about a month, we’re going about as fast as we can,” he said. …

Abu Wahda, another smuggler, said he’d been lucky.

“I fixed the damage in three days, we’re functional since this morning,” he said, overseeing the winch that hurled a large pack of potato chips 15 yards up from his tunnel. …

As the men spoke, hundreds of workers could been seen working near a no-man’s land with Egypt, busy fixing dozens of tunnels. The buzz of generators filled the air, and one restaurant owner who had reopened his snack bar amid the digging said he expected at least 200 patrons on Thursday.

The Gazans posed for pictures as they worked on the smuggling tunnels:


It may be that only Egypt can stop the smuggling by adequately policing its side of the border.

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