India’s Evidence

The Hindu, an Indian newspaper, has published the evidence relating to the terrorist attack on Bombay that the government of India handed over to Pakistan on Monday. It is interesting reading, to say the least. You can read it and draw your own conclusions; here are a few excerpts from intercepted telephone conversations between the terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan:

Caller [to the terrorists in the Taj Majal Hotel]: Greetings! There are three Ministers and one Secretary of the Cabinet in your hotel. We don’t know in which room.

Receiver: Oh! That is good news! It is the icing on the cake.

Caller: Find those 3-4 persons and then get whatever you want from India.

Receiver: Pray that we find them.

Caller: Do one thing. Throw one or two grenades on the Navy and police teams, which are outside.

This one is between a Pakistani controller and one of the terrorists who attacked Chabad House:

Caller: Greetings. What did the Major General say?

Receiver: Greetings. The Major General directed us to do what we like. We should not worry. The operation has to be concluded tomorrow morning. Pray to God. Keep two magazines and three grenades aside, and expend the rest of your ammunition.

This one is between a terrorist at the Oberoi Hotel and a Pakistani handler:

Caller: Brother Abdul. The media is comparing your action to 9/11. One senior police officer has been killed.

Abdul Rehman: We are on the 10th/11th floor. We have five hostages.

Caller 2 (Kafa): Everything is being recorded by the media. Inflict the maximum damage. Keep fighting. Don’t be taken alive.

Caller: Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.

Fahadullah: We have three foreigners including women. From Singapore and China.

Caller: Kill them.

(Voices of Fahadullah and Abdul Rehman directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Cheering voices heard in background.)

From the Taj Mahal Hotel:

Caller: How many hostages do you have?

Receiver: We have one from Belgium. We have killed him. There was one chap from Bangalore. He could be controlled only with a lot of effort.

Caller: I hope there is no Muslim amongst them?

Receiver: No, none.

Finally, this conversation between a terrorist at Chabad House and his superior in Pakistan:

Wassi: Keep in mind that the hostages are of use only as long as you do not come under fire because of their safety. If you are still threatened, then don’t saddle yourself with the burden of the hostages, immediately kill them.

Receiver: Yes, we shall do accordingly, God willing.

Wassi: The Army claims to have done the work without any hostage being harmed. Another thing; Israel has made a request through diplomatic channels to save the hostages. If the hostages are killed, it will spoil relations between India and Israel.

Receiver: So be it, God willing.

I’m sure there must be some good reason why the evil incarnate that was revealed in the Mumbai attack, and the information that has emerged subsequently about Pakistan’s role in it, did not give rise to world-wide protests and demonstrations. Offhand, though, I can’t think what it might be.

Via the tireless Gateway Pundit.

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