We have written a number of times, including here, about a Muslim charter school in Minneapolis called TIZA, which appears to be operating as a religious school at taxpayer expense in violation of the First Amendment. TIZA is not alone in this regard, as other Muslim charter schools in the Twin Cities seem to be doing the same thing.

Today the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union sued TIZA and the Minnesota Department of Education, alleging that…

…the school is using federal and state money to promote religion in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“TIZA has received millions of dollars of taxpayer money to support what is, in essence, a private religious school,” said Charles Samuelson, state ACLU executive director.

We’ve often been critical of the ACLU, but the organization’s Minnesota branch deserves real credit for sticking to its principles, even when the target is Muslim rather than Christian.

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