Name that party (banned in Boston edition)

The AP reports that Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi is resigning from his powerful position under an ethical cloud. Winding down to paragraph 17, the careful reader can infer DiMasi’s party:

The resignation of DiMasi has some in the state wondering if there’s something about the power of the office, or the increasingly one-party nature of Massachusetts’ politics, that makes the job of House speaker particularly vulnerable to self-inflicted wounds.

House Minority Leader Bradley Jones, who has seen the number of Republicans in the 160-member House dwindle to just 16, said the lack of political competition “creates a sense of being impervious.”

It’s thoughtful of AP reporter Steve LeBlanc to respect the sensitivities of readers who might be offended by a naked description of DiMasi’s poliitcal affiliation.

Via reader Art Donahue.

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