Still seeking that elusive final victory

We’ve commented before about the MSM’s quest for that “elusive final victory” over President Bush — a confession of large-scale error. The MSM came up short again at Bush’s final press conference, much to the disappointment of Dana Milbank.

Clueless even after eight years, or else disingenuous, Milbank portrays Bush’s press conference as a “last-minute legacy rehabilitation” effort, undertaken “with only seven days left until he surrenders office.” It should be clear, even to Milbank, that Bush does not expect his “rehabilitation” to be accomplished through the White House press corps within the next seven days. Nor was Bush attempting any such thing; he was simply answering the questions put to him by a press corps strangely obsessed with having him cite mistakes. Bush gave them nothing new and nothing substantial.

Milbank comes closer to Bush’s take on the press conference when he writes that the president “seemed bored.”

Despite the lack of a presidential mea culpa, Milbank attempts to give his cronies the last laugh. He writes that, at the end of the press conference, the reporters stood up before all the photographers could get their Bush-walks-out-the-door-for-the-last-time shots.

It wasn’t the elusive final victory the MSM was hoping for but in the world of Dana Milbank, interfering with that photograph apparently counts as some sort of triumph.

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