The Conflict’s Root Cause

We’ve seen similar photos before, but these seem especially shocking, and especially revealing, in the context of the disaster into which Hamas has plunged Palestinians living in Gaza. Here, a group of Palestinian boys who live in a “refugee camp” in southern Lebanon demonstrate against Israel’s attack on Hamas. They have been raised from birth to view mass murder as a high calling and religious duty:


This one is from the same demonstration; it looks like a Ku Klux Klan rally put on by children. The rocket is fake, but the Qurans are real:


The depth of the evil on display here is difficult to comprehend.

Demonstrations on behalf of Hamas are going on throughout the Arab world; this one, from Delhi, India, is noteworthy in that protesters make clear their real objective:


UPDATE: This one, from Jakarta, is charming, too. The banner reads, “Jews go to hell.”


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