Support for Pork Bill Collapsing

Today’s Rasmussen survey indicates that support for the Obama administration’s pork-infested spending bill is going up in smoke: currently only 37% favor the measure while 43% oppose it. Here is the downward trend:


Even worse, perhaps, is the fact that half of poll respondents say the Dems’ pork-fest “may end up doing more harm than good.”

People are catching on to what the bill actually does, and support seems certain to decline further. The Republicans have a winning issue here, one that can take them a long way toward reclaiming their brand. The biggest danger is an untimely collapse by Republican moderates in the Senate who are not in touch with the mood of the voters.

UPDATE: According to Byron York, Sen. Jim DeMint says, “I think we’ve got nearly 100 percent of Republicans who are going to vote against this bill unless it is fundamentally changed to include real economic stimulus.” And the Dems are sending out hysterical emails to the effect that calls to Washington opposing the pork bill are outnumbering supporters’ calls by 100-1. I’m not surprised; let’s make it 200-1: (202) 224-3121.

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