“Chris, how disingenuous are you?”

Even though Chris Matthews is a loudmouth and a fool, former Bush administration spokesman Ari Fleischer accepted his invitation to join him on on his MSNBC Hardball show. Matthews asks him why he’s appearing on the show. Is he like Napoloeon returning from Elba? Because you invited me, Fleischer responds.

In the course of the sixteen-minute interview segment, Fleischer adroitly responds and prevails against the low blows with which Matthews hits him. By the end, I can hear Howard Cosell’s voice in the back of my mind: “Will somebody stop this fight? His face is a pulpy mess!”

Matthews asserts that Fleischer has acknolwedged the Bush administration made a dishonest case for deposing Saddam Hussein. Among the highlights of the interview are Fleischer’s response to this assertion: “What’s really troublesome is why you would twist my words…When I said we were wrong, you said I acknowledged we were dishonest…Chris, that reveals a lot about you…when you can twist people’s words like that.”

Via Hugh Hewitt and RealClearPolitics.


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