From the Tran jury

A reader writes that he was the member of the jury that recently convicted former FBI agent Vo Duong “Ben” Tran of charges that he planned to rip off an Orange County drug house. The drug house was in fact a trap set by the FBI.

Tran had been fired by the FBI in 2003; at trial he testified that he was on a mission to gather evidence he intended to turn over to federal authorities. Our reader reports that Tran worked for the United States Senate in the late 90’s. He also notes that he was apprehended with over 600 rounds of ammunition, ballistic vests, a full auto M-16, a silenced AR 15, a .45 sidearm and a loaded .38 when arrested.

Tran served was based in Chicago during his employment by the FBI. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that.Tran is a suspect in the 2002 execution-style slaying of a married couple shot to death in their BMW on the North Side while their 3-month-old child sat in the back. The Sun-Times adds that On his MySpace page, Tran inserts a chilling quote in the “About Me” section: “Man knows no pain till he’s taken a man’s life.”

Our reader comments: “It’s quite a story.”


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