Name that party (Dodd edition)

The New York Times runs a long story on Senator Christopher Dodd’s crashing reputation among Connecticut voters without once mentioning that Dodd is a, well, you know what. The Times does note that Connecticut is a heavily Democratic state. It does mention that Dodd was “once known for championing populist initiatives like the 1993 Family Leave Act” (!). It does identify some of those interviewed for the story as, well, you know what, but never Senator Dodd himself. And it also mentions that “the firestorm has encouraged Republicans.”

Those who can draw inferences will be able to name that party!

UPDATE: The Times helps with the party identfication of Dodd in the fourth paragraph. I missed it!

MORE: I didn’t miss it! In “Times forgets Senator Dodd is a Democrat,” TimesWatch confirms I had it right the first time. Clay Waters explains:

There was just one thing missing from Raymond Hernandez and Thomas Kaplan’s story — Dodd’s Democratic party affiliation. The Times shielded the Democrats from the Dodd controversy in its print edition. One had to infer Dodd was a Democrat from statements like “the firestorm has encouraged Republicans.” (The online version belatedly identifies Dodd as a Democrat in the fourth paragraph.)

Via reader Cliff Stockdill.


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