Protesting Global Warming in the Snow

A demonstration against global warming, billed as the biggest one ever, is scheduled to take place in Washington today. The timing, of course, is exquisite, as the Al Gore Effect strikes once more:


The demonstration is taking place right now, I believe, outside the Capital Power Plant in southeast Washington. It would be fun to post a photo or two of the demonstrators; if anyone sees (or takes) some, let us know.

UPDATE: Heh. Nancy Pelosi was supposed to attend the protest, but was snowed out.

FURTHER UPDATE: OK, here’s one. The caption reads:

Owen Burke, left, and Ephrata Wood, hold on to a tarp to drape around a stage they are installing during a windy snow storm outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Monday, March 2, 2009. The men were installing the stage for a global warming rally of college students happening later in the day.


FURTHER UPDATE: This video from Politico is entertaining. As Politico notes, “frigid temperatures and snow accumulation made for difficult messaging” for the climate alarmists:

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