Here We Go Again

Only one element was missing from Barack Obama’s apparent effort to mobilize opposition to his administration and the Democrats’ reign in Congress. Yesterday the administration indicated that it would complete the mobilization of conservative, libertarian and moderate opposition by pushing for immigration reform (i.e., legalization) this year.

I suppose the Democrats figure they can pass anything they want, so they may as well take advantage of the time from now until 2010. Maybe they’ve forgotten the groundswell of opposition that arose a couple of years ago when President Bush tried to work with Congress to achieve comprehensive immigration reform. Bush’s approval numbers never recovered from that effort; the reaction now, with unemployment much higher and the federal government already in disfavor due to bailouts, deficits, etc., is likely to be even stronger. As with so much that the Obama administration does, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on whether you focus on the well-being of the country, or of the Democrats’ political opposition.

SCOTT adds: Michelle Malkin calls the White House-planted Times story John links to “Obama’s shamnesty distraction.”


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