Public Approves of Tea Parties

This Rasmussen survey is the first I’ve seen on the tea party protests that have been held around the country, mostly last Wednesday. Rasmussen finds that 51 percent of Americans approve of the tea parties, with 33 percent disapproving. By far the largest group of respondents, 32 percent, is “very favorable” toward the protests.

Almost equally interesting is that one in four Americans says that he or she personally knows someone who participated in one of the rallies. That probably helps to explain why the Left’s over the top attacks–slanders, really–didn’t gain more traction.

It should also be noted that this does not appear to be a “likely voter” survey, as Rasmussen refers to “Americans” rather than “voters.” If that assumption is correct, a “likely voter” poll would undoubtedly be even more favorable to the tea party rallies–a fact that can only seem ominous to our political class.


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