The dogs bark and the caravan moves on

Roger Simon reports from Geneva that the UN’s Durban II anti-Semitic hatefest has closed early. The circus is moving out of town:

At 4PM Geneva time, the United Nations and its High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay announced that the responsible committee (hard to know exactly who that is) had approved the final outcome statement of the Durban Review Conference.

The odd thing is – it’s Tuesday and the conference is not supposed to end until Friday. Whazzup?

Ahmadinejad, of course. This was damage control at its most obvious – and totally predictable to many people here, myself included. The UN wants everyone to go away and forget this conference as quickly as possible. The institution has received a horrible dose of publicity that led even the usually idolatrous BBC to raise a skeptical eye.

Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel turned up in Geneva to give the lie to Ahmadinehad’s nauseating incitement. Haaretz reports that on the sidelines of the conference in Geneva on Tuesday, a member of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s entourage accosted Wiesel and began screaming “Zio-Nazi” at him.

Jonah Goldberg comments: “Of course, it was probably just an accidental slip of a tongue, since he only shouts it a dozen or so times at the top of his lungs. And besides, I’m sure Elie Wiesel was asking for it.” Or perhaps A-jad’s man was just spreading the “divine and humanitarian values” A-jad promoted in his speech at the hatefest.

How much did this hatefest cost? Simon tried unsuccessfully to find out. The UN spokesman to whom Simon addressed the question respoinded only that budget for the hatefest was part of a larger budget and then tried to change the subject.

Simon ends on a resolute note: “From now on, full financial transparency for the UN, public and online, or no money from us. Not a penny.” Well, we can dream.


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