The Minnesota-Mogadishu connection

The Somali refugees located in the Twin Cities have played a part in the creeping sharia that we discussed over the weekend in “Where once was Hamm’s.” In today’s New York Post Maureen Callahan explores the phenomenon involving the disappearance of young Somali men in the Twin Cities. They have apparently returned to Somalia, where they are trained to wage jihad.

In “American terrorists” Callahan raises the question: what happens when these young men return to the United States? Incidentally, Callahan misplaces the Cedar-Riverside complex that has become a center of Somali life in the Twin Cities. It’s not in St. Paul, as she says, but rather in Minneapolis.

This is a story that emerged in the wake of the death of Somali immigrant Shirwa Ahmed. Ahmed disappeared in Minnesota only to turn up as the perpetrator of a suicide bombing in Somalia last year. A federal investigation in the Twin Cities is apparently underway. We touched on the subject of Callahan’s article at the time Ahmed’s death came to light last year in “Willful blindness, from Minnesota to Mumbai” and “Waging jihad from Minnesota to Mogadishu.”


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