A word from Anita MonCrief

Yesterday we heard from Anita MonCrief, the source for the ACORN/Obama story spiked by the New York Times before the election. John Hinderaker explored the Times’s account of the story’s spiking in “Killing a story: How it’s done.” Ms. MonCrief first wrote to commend John for his analysis: “Great article. I am glad to see that you guys are on top of this.” When I asked if she wanted to add anything for posting here, Ms. MonCrief responded:

I would like to state that [Times reporter Stephanie] Strom was set to come to Washington where I planned to hand over emails that showed contact between ACORN and staff of the Obama campaign. I had started not to trust her and would only give them to her in person. I have forwarded them to [attorney] Heather Heidalbaugh and they offer evidence that would have substantiated my story.

It is a story that somehow remains to be told.


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