In occupied France, part 2

A few days ago we posted the video below under the heading “In occupied France.” In his powerful essay “Israel today, the West tomorrow,” in the new Commentary, Mark Steyn describes the imminent Islamization of Europe and recounts the event that is captured in the video:

One Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago, a group wearing “BOYCOTT ISRAEL” T-shirts entered a French branch of Carrefour, the world’s largest supermarket chain, and announced themselves. They then systematically advanced down every aisle examining every product, seizing all the items made in Israel and piling them into carts to take away and destroy. Judging from the video they made, the protesters were mostly Muslim immigrants and a few French leftists. But more relevant was the passivity of everyone else in the store, both staff and shoppers, all of whom stood idly by as private property was ransacked and smashed, and many of whom when invited to comment expressed support for the destruction. “South Africa started to shake once all countries started to boycott their products,” one elderly lady customer said. “So what you’re doing, I find it good.”

Mark adds: “Others may find Germany in the ’30s the more instructive comparison….” Judge for yourself. Here once again is the video.

Via Hugh Hewitt.


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