The limits of Obama’s willingness to attack America’s honor

President Obama has reversed himself and decided to appeal a court decision ordering the release of photos showing U.S. troops abusing prisoners. Suddenly, it has occurred to Obama that the pictures would “further inflame anti-American opinion” and endanger U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama did not see this problem a month ago. At that time, the White House said it would not oppose the release of dozens of photos from military investigations of alleged misconduct. Apparently, it took expressions of concern from American commanders in the war zones to move Obama to change his mind.

It’s encouraging to know that, ultimately, there is a limit on how far Obama will go to launch or facilitate attacks America’s honor. That limit apparently is reached when generals tell him American troops may well die. It would be more encouraging if a lesser showing would suffice.

What’s most discouraging, perhaps, is that the Holder Justice Department is so firmly under the control of leftist ideologues, who care little if at all about either American honor or the safety of American troops, that it would push for the disclosure of photos that even Obama eventually concluded would harm America. For it was the Justice Department that decided in the first instance not to appeal the ruling requiring release of the photos.


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