First Tommy Lee, Now John Edwards

Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young has signed a tell-all book deal, and it sounds as though he has a lot to tell. To begin with, Young now admits that Edwards, not he, is the father of Rielle Hunter’s child. No surprise there–Young and his wife invited the pregnant Hunter to come live with them. No wife is that understanding.

But Young does have one shocker–Edwards and Hunter made a sex tape, which Young discovered among Hunter’s possessions. As the New York Daily News puts it, the tape “show[s] [Edwards] taking positions that weren’t on his official platform.”

Young also says that Barack Obama told Edwards that he would be Obama’s Attorney General if he wasn’t the Vice-presidential choice. That’s been reported before and can’t be considered surprising. It is interesting to consider whether the country would be better off with Edwards or Eric Holder as AG.

Young’s book contract exemplifies one of the basic rules of life in Washington, D.C., as in Hollywood and similar precincts. Young was absurdly loyal to Edwards–even claiming, falsely, to have fathered Hunter’s baby–as long as he thought Edwards was in the big time and could do something for him. Once it all unraveled and Edwards’ career crashed, everything was different. The formerly loyal Young now will write an expose about his relationship with Edwards. It is, I guess, the last service Edwards can do for him.

Via The Corner.

PAUL adds: The problem with books like this — in addition to the fact that they deal with matters of no interest to me — is that there isn’t any reason to believe anything that someone like Young reports. If he is to be believed now, Young lied about fathering Hunter’s baby. So why should he be believed now?

This story keeps going from bad to worse. According to the article John linked to above, Elizabeth Edwards suspects Young of stealing the baseball card collection of her deceased son, Wade. As bitter as Ms. Edwards may be, I’d credit her suspicion before I’d credit an Andrew Young assertion or denial.

Fortunately, we need not waste our time deciding whom to believe about what in this sordid tale, and I hope that Americans will take advantage of that opportunity.


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