Taking Ownership

The radical measures the Obama administration has taken in an ostensible effort to rescue the economy–never let a crisis go to waste!–are increasingly causing voters to hold Obama responsible for our ongoing economic doldrums. In today’s Rasmussen survey, 39 percent of respondents say that economic problems are caused mostly by the Obama administration’s policies, compared to 54 percent who attribute them mostly to the recession Obama inherited. That 39 percent is up from 27 percent one month ago, and it inevitably will continue to rise.

In the same survey, respondents by a 60-30 percent margin say they have more confidence in their own judgment about the economy than in Obama’s. That 60 percent is up from 49 percent in February.

It won’t be long before most Americans’ “approval” of President Obama is limited to the fact that they think it’s cute when he buys his daughters frozen custard.


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