The mother of all personnel disputes, Part Two

The gossipy nature of the dispute between Steve Schmidt and Bill Kristol over the anti-Palin leaks by the McCain campaign last year (and the breezy conclusion to my post on the subject) should not obscure the fact that someone engaged in deplorable conduct. Specifically, when the going got tough for the McCain campaign, someone on the inside turned on Palin and provided ammunition to the MSM.

Was it Schmidt, as Kristol and Randy Scheunemann allege? I don’t know. But, as I noted, Mark Hemmingway presents good reason to believe that “Schmidt is not above anonymously leaking damaging information about the campaign.” And Schmidt’s silly, irrelevant attacks on Kristol (e.g., Kristol’s from Washington, I’m from Northern Calfornia and Kristol was once Dan Quayle’s chief of staff) cast him in a poor light.


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