Science vs. Hysteria

Tonight I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Fred Singer. Dr. Singer was in town, along with several other climate experts, for a program on climate realism sponsored by the Minnesota Free Market Institute. The event, which had an excellent turnout, was followed by a small dinner. For many years, Dr. Singer has been a strong and often lonely voice, defending the integrity of science against politicization and alarmism. You can download his short, accessible Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate here. Dr. Singer has lived long enough, happily, to be vindicated and to see that science is at last going to prevail over hysteria.
At the opposite end of the scientific integrity spectrum, we have the retiring head of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, admitting that his organization’s claim that the Arctic ice sheet will melt by 2030 is untrue, but justifying it by saying that “we, as a pressure group, have to emotionalize issues.”

Truth, as the liberals are finding out, has a power that is not so easily overcome.