Clunkers on overtime: An update

Yesterday we wrote about the call to employees of the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration to put in overtime this weekend on the Cash for Clunkers program. The overtime had been authorized to catch up on the massive backlog of paperwork confronting the DoT. Auto dealers who have completed sales to customers under the program are awaiting payment of the government’s share of the deal. A reader forwards a broadcast email from the FAA to employees who had stepped forward to work this weekend.

*** Do not reply to this message as it is sent from an unattended mailbox and any reply will be automatically deleted ***
Due to an unforseen [sic] system outage, the CARS system will not be available for document processing this weekend. Those FAA HQ staff planning to come into FAA Headquarters this weekend should NOT come into Washington. The system is not expected to be up until further notice and we are anticipating that will not be until normal working hours on Monday. Thanks to those that planned to come in to help out this weekend, we’re sorry that the system will not be available.

Can there be any reasonable doubt that “the fierce urgency of now” calls us to expand the government’s hand on matters of life and death in the American health care system?


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