T-Paw In Iowa

Last night, Paul reported on a Mike Huckabee event that he attended. Paul’s conclusion was that Huckabee is a conservative, albeit not a conventional one. Paul, however, “[is] not a Mike Huckabee conservative.”
Nor am I. I’m a Tim Pawlenty conservative. Pawlenty is a mainstream, Reaganite conservative who has proven, in blue Minnesota, that he can confront the Democrats head on and beat them with a conservative message that resonates with a broad range of voters. Last night he was in Iowa, addressing a Republican group. (Probably Pawnlenty’s interest in Iowa is not coincidental; no doubt he’ll be passing through New Hampshire before long, too.) This newspaper account describes Pawlenty’s reception in Iowa. If you haven’t seen much of him, this video gives an impression of his style:

In my view, Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are far and away the Republicans’ best Presidential prospects for 2012.


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