Tune In to the Patriot

I’ll be on the radio today with my radio partner Brian “St. Paul” Ward from 11 to 1 central, on AM 1280 the Patriot. You can go here to listen online. At noon central, We’ll have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on the air, to give our listeners a report from the front lines.
As listeners know, one of our show’s features is the Loon of the Week, in which we honor the craziest liberal excess of the week. (I wouldn’t want to give anything away, but this week Harry Reid would seem to have the inside track.) At the end of every year–this year I believe it will be January 2–we single out one of our weekly loons as Loon of the Year. Here’s the best part–you can vote at Fraters Libertas. It’s a pure democracy: whoever gets the most votes wins.


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