What Happened to Abdul Ali al-Megrahi?

The Lockerbie bomber, Abdul Ali al-Megrahi, was released from prison in Scotland on the humanitarian ground that he was dying of prostate cancer and would be gone in three months. That was four months ago. Now, the families of victims and Scots in general are wondering what’s happened to him. The London Times tried to contact al-Megrahi at the hospital where he was supposedly confined, and found that he was gone. This is a follow-up report:

Lord Fraser said that there was “a growing suspicion about what the Libyans are up to with al-Megrahi.” He said: “I and others understood that he was released on the grounds of compassion and that he was going to die.”

Who knows; al-Megrahi might really be dying. It’s understandable, though, if the families of his victims wonder whether they have been victimized once again.


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