Where’s the mystery hospital? part 4

The New York Times provides a glimpse of the cornucopia of corruption buried in the Obamacare bill pending in the Senate. Toward the end it seeks to identify the mystery hospital that qualifies for a $100 million payoff:

Senators and their aides said on Sunday that they were not sure who would qualify for this money or who had requested it.
Dr. Atul Grover, the chief lobbyist for the Association of American Medical Colleges, said he believed that Commonwealth Medical College, a new school in Scranton, Pa., was a likely candidate.
Reached at home on Sunday, Dr. Robert M. D’Alessandri, the president of the medical school, said initially, “We meet the conditions” in the Senate proposal. But then he said he was not so sure.

We can only hope the Times stays on the case. Some citizens actually believe the Senate should know whom they’re buying off when they vote on the bill.
Via RealClearPolitics.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is also on the case.