Breitbart takes the pledge

The inspired Hollywood celebrities who take “the presidential pledge” in the video below have provoked Andrew Breitbart into taking his own pledge. Breitbart pledges to ridicule Hollywood celebrities who refuse to recognize we are at war with people who want to kill them, too.

One of the Hollywood celebrities who inspired Andrew to take his pledge vows to reduce her use of plastic by foreswearing bottled water. Personally, I was disappointed that Demi Moore didn’t take the pledge to reduce her use of plastic surgery by foreswearing breast augmentation. (A friend asks me to add a “not safe for work” warning regarding the link.)

Were these Hollywood celebritiies inspired by the Obama Youth — Junior Fraternity Regiment? Obama’s health care plan will include cosmetic and gastric bypass surgery!

UPDATE: Dr. Susan Harms writes from Houston:

What a bunch of vacuous asses in that video. Pledge her voice? Smile more? Cure Alzheimer’s? Meet my neighbor? What do they think the rest of us “commoners” out here are doing? We are doing all of that, silently, without the camera, and without telling anyone. I pledge not see any of their movies, buy any of their products, look at their faces or acknowledge their existence.

She adds a PS:

Why doesn’t one of them step up to repair the Shriners Hospital in Galveston that was wiped out by Ike? It has done so much good and is at risk of closing for good.

And the inimitable Iowahawk claims to have obtained the rush transcript of the video (for educational purposes only).

JOHN adds: I watched this video last night, after a reader sent a link. I didn’t recognize a single person in it. So I thought I might be mistaken in understanding that they were supposed to be celebrities. Is it just me, or are today’s “celebrities” lacking even in the defining quality of celebrity?

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