The “American Thinker” turns six

Today is the sixth anniversary of the inception of one our favorite blogs, the American Thinker. Its founder, Thomas Lifson, marks the occasion with a post about the blog’s origins and development, and where it is heading.
AT has made a huge mark. There has been no stronger friend of Israel in the blogosphere. In addition, AT was second to none when it came to exposing the radical tendencies of Barack Obama and his associates. These two strands came together in AT’s reporting on Obama’s anti-Israel top foreign policy advisor (until he had to dump her), Samantha Power. I found this reporting extremely helpful in a series of posts I wrote about Ms. Power.
I was proud (and surprised) to learn from Lifson’s anniversary post that Power Line helped inspire him to start AT. And I was delighted that he thinks we played a small part in helping AT receive notice in its early days.


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