Once a jihadist…part 2

Politico reports that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions continues to push Attorney General Holder to explore links between a jihadist rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia and Yemeni terrorists linked to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of the Nortwest/Delta flight to Detroit. Yesterday Senator Sessions rereleased a letter he sent last month to Holder demanding that the Department of Justice suspend a program under which select Guantanamo detainees are sent to Saudi Arabia for terrorist therapy.
Senator Sessions notes that in Holder’s capacity as head of the Obama administration’s task force on Guantanamo detainees, Holder has twice vouched for the efficacy of Saudi Arabia’s terrorist therapy program in rehabilitating jihadist terrorists. Senator Sessions is unimpressed with the results achieved in terrorist therapy. His letter discloses that 11 of Saudi Arabia’s 85 most-wanted terrorists are “graduates of the Saudi program.”
Making the letter of substantial current interest, Senator Sessions also discusses the links between terrorist therapy and and Yemeni terrorism. Therapy alumni include Said Ali al Shihri, now the deputy leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen, and Ibrahim Suleiman al Rubaish, Al Qaeda’s current theological leader on the Arabian Peninsula. Senator Sessions writes: “The list of failed participants in the Saudi program reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Al Qaeda terrorists on the Arabian peninsula.”
The Politico article concludes on this understated note: “Holder has not yet responded to the Dec. 9 letter urging the suspension of the program.”
Via Barbara Ledeen.


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