Frozen Wasteland

“Baba O’Riley” is the enigmatic song that leads off “Who’s Next” (featuring the epic “Won’t Get Fooled Again”). “Who’s Next” is the Who’s greatest album by far, followed by “The Who Sell Out.” These were both phenomenal albums. In their enhanced and deluxe editions on compact disc, they’re even better.
Inspired by the Who’s Superbowl halftime performance, our friends at Minnesotans for Global Warming have come up with some kind of a masterpiece. (We liked this bit too.) MGW’s Elmer recreates Pete Townshend’s original synthesizer part on the banjo and dons a Viking hat in honor of the Vikings’ season. One of Elmer’s co-conspirators joins in wearing a suitably attractive Al Gore mask. What’s not to like?

Via Theo Spark (and another site that tipped me to it. Who are you?)


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