Suicide Pact?

The news out of Washington is agonizing, as the Dems slowly try to reach the number of votes they need in the House to take over the health care industries. Reports indicate that they are something like four or five votes short; the conventional wisdom is that they will get there, somehow. God only knows what they are promising (or threatening) to get those last votes. The Cornhusker Kickback will look like clean politics by the time they’re done.
The voters hate it, as evidenced by Rasmussen’s most recent polling. Nancy Pelosi is reaching seldom-plumbed depths of unpopularity at a 29/64 favorable/unfavorable ratio. Forty-seven percent have a “very unfavorable” view of the Speaker of the House; of course, hardly any of them will be able to vote against her in November. Harry Reid, on the other hand–24/56–looks to be serving his last year in the Senate.
Is Obamacare a suicide pact? That’s what Michael Ramirez suggests; click to enlarge:
There is still a chance it won’t come to that. Hugh Hewitt explains what you can do today to stop–maybe–the Democrats’ power grab.