Spinning harder: A report from the field

A New Hampshire reader and constituent of Rep. Paul Hodes writes:

in Hanover this evening our home phone received a robocall with no identification of its source, only an assertive recorded female voice imploring us to call Democratic congressman Paul Hodes’s Washington office to “thank him for standing up the to the insurance companies who only care about profits and denying coverage when people actually need assistance. Those no-good insurance companies spent $76 million lobbying Congress to defeat much-needed health care reform, but Paul Hodes did not back down. So please call Congressman Hodes right now to thank him for standing up for you instead of only caring about those lousy insurance companies. Here is his phone number again in Washington: (202) . . . ”
For what it may be worth, my wife and I have no recollection of ever receiving a phone call of this nature — asking us to express support to our Congressman in the wake of him voting in favor of a recently-passed piece of legislation. And the irony, of course, is that Hodes’s fealty to his Democratic leaders in general, and support for Obamacare in particular, are among the last things for which we could affirm him.

A native Minnesotan who is now a small business owner in Florida writes:

I own a small business in Florida (under 25 employees). We offered health insurance, but all the younger ones refused (their share was under 30 bucks a week). I am a pretty staunch conservative who has voted Republican only because I have not found a Libertarian I would vote for and they all know it.
The youngest ones (under 30) are mostly Puerto Rican, Cuban, Columbian, Mexican and all legal and they are liberal (Democrats), yet without exception they are livid about Obamacare. They understand that they are going to ” foot the bill ” for the older generation, like me. Nearly all voted for Obama, yet they all are now saying he needs to be impeached. Wow.
I have followed politics for decades and have never seen such a reaction before. If the media and the Democrats can not spin this enough by November, there will be no Democrats left in national office. I am afraid that the Republicans will mess it up again….bring them to Washington, D.C. and they “progress.”
While I am contributing to individual campaigns (nationally as well), I am reluctant to send any money to the Republican National Committee. I simply do not trust them; as I feel they are RINOs. So my contributions are exclusively to individuals.
Am I alone?

There is good reason for the “spin harder” phenomenon John discusses below. These messages bear it out.


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