First Pitch

President Obama threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals’ opener today. He seemed to get a pretty good reception; of course, Washington is the only boom town in America. Michael Ramirez didn’t write it this way, but his cartoon could exemplify Obama’s relationship with the press, as well. Click to enlarge:
PAUL adds: I was there. President Obama got a very enthusiastic reception. There were a few boos mixed in, however (none by me). Perhaps some of them were down to his obnoxious Chicago White Sox hat.
1910 was the first year a president threw out the ceremonial pitch on opening day in Washington, so this was an anniversary of sorts. The big screen played clips of all past presidents who have participated (all, in other words, except the five who served when the team was on its 34 year road trip). A good number of fans chose to boo George W. Bush.
Washington is a pretentious city, not a classy one.


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