Is Jim Kim “privileged”?

Last night I wrote a post about Dartmouth President Kim in which I quoted from a presentation he gave about leadership. In the presentation, which Scott added to the post, Kim quotes with justified approval and pride his father’s words to him: “If you think this country owes you anything, you’re crazy; you have to get a skill.”
Moments later, in talking about a visit to Haiti, Kim mentions several times how “privileged” he is. But in what sense is Kim “privileged” if, as he says, his country didn’t owe him anything, and he had to learn and work for whatever he got?
The word “privileged” is a staple of the left, and especially its race-mongers. Honest discussion would be advanced if the word lost that status. Sometimes it is used to mean “wealthy.” More often, it is used, as I think Kim did, to mean “fortunate.” Between them, these words cover the phenomenon in question well enough.