Talking Baseball

Twins baseball, that is. The season is off to a great start, partly because of Target Field. I described my experience at the Twins’ new stadium on opening day, complete with video, here. Since then, the Twins have played very well. They are now 14-6, the second best record in baseball. The Twins beat the Tigers 2-0 tonight, behind Francisco Liriano, who has almost miraculously regained his 2006, pre-Tommy John surgery form. Liriano is 3-0 on the new season, with a microscopic ERA. Tonight he struck out 10 in 8 shutout innings.
The Twins have won every series so far this year, although they have yet to sweep one. We are eagerly awaiting their return to Target Field. Many have described Target Field as the country’s most urban baseball park. This photo shows why that is true; the stadium is squeezed into a small plot of land on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. But somehow, the designers made it all work, and the overall effect is beautiful:
Are the Twins a team of destiny this year? Maybe; but if so, they will have to beat the Yankees. Which would be a departure from the pattern of recent years.