Desperate times call for desperate measures

Laura Bush has written a book, Spoken From The Heart. Last evening, a friend of ours wanted to ascertain the former First Lady’s book tour schedule. When she typed in, she was automatically redirected to an Organizing for America website — As I write this post, the same redirection is still occurring.
This little scheme seems ugly even by the standards of Team Obama and its supporters. But then, former president Bush is now in a statistical dead-heat with President Obama in terms of who American would like see in the Oval Office. So if there ever was going to be a time when Team Obama and its supporters would exhibit a modicum of class towards the former president and first lady, that time has passed.
UPDATE: A reader informs me that is registered to “” located in Miami, which probably is not associated with Barack Obama.
MORE FROM OUR READERS: I’m informed that once upon a time, you could get Laura Bush content from For several years, though, users have been redirected to the pro-Obama site. Exactly how and why that came to pass is not entirely clear, although there is no plausible explanation that is innocent.
Those who want to get to Laura Bush’s site should use


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