Who’s “Special”?

Guess who’s backing Harry Reid in his uphill battle for re-election? The pharmaceutical industry, which is grateful for Reid’s efforts in passing Obamacare. At the Examiner, Tim Carney points out the sheer dishonesty of President Obama’s constant nonsense about “standing up to the special interests”:

Remember when President Obama thanked Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Senate for “standing up to the special interests?” If you don’t, go watch this video, just the first 25 seconds is enough to get the idea. And remember that Obama said that same sort of thing a dozen times.
Then watch this video.
You catch that part at the end, where the ad for Harry Reid, facing the toughest reelection of his life, was paid for by PhRMA — the drug lobby.
[T]his Reid ad brings into focus the magnitude of the President’s mendacity:
Obama thanks the Reid for “standing up to the special interests” by passing the bill. Then the single biggest industry lobby also thanks Reid for passing the bill, with a big-money TV ad.
This episode should be enough to make every discerning person ignore the President every time he claims to be taking on “special interests.”

We’ve had liars in the White House before, sadly. But have we ever had a President with Barack Obama’s cynical and careless disregard for truth? I’m not sure that we have.


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