Jim Geraghty tweets

Linking to this story regarding the Washington Post’s efforts to unload Newsweek, NRO’s Jim Geraghty tweets: “Newsweek’s latest promo: With a 12-month subscription, they’ll throw in the entire organization for free.” More Geraghty tweets (and laughs) here.
UPDATE: This just in: A Dartmouth reader reports:

Just read your brief post this morning about the declining fortunes of Newsweek magazine. As it happens, this is pledge week at Vermont Public Radio (the Hanover area’s main NPR affiliate). VPR is now offering free Newsweek subscriptions as a giveaway for contributions made to VPR — something I do not recall ever occurring during our 22 years living in the Upper Valley and listening to public radio here.

Newsweek: The perfect companion to Democrat State Radio.


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