Let’s not forget about Nevada

Harry Reid isn’t as vulnerable as Blanche Lincoln, but he seems pretty vulnerable even so. Today, Nevada Republicans voted to decide who will run against Reid.
With about 20 percent of the precincts reporting, Sharron Angle has a 36 percent to 31 percent lead over Sue Lowden. Angle, a former member of the state assembly, is the candidate of the Tea Party. Lowden, a former State Senator and former chair of the state party, is favored by the party establishment. The conventional wisdom holds that Lowden would be a tougher opponent for Reid than Angle, although the most recent polls (for what they are worth at this early stage) don’t necessarily bear this out.
UPDATE: Angle is the winner. Let’s hope that the reservations some have expressed about her ability to defeat Reid are not well-founded. There’s much to like about the Tea Party activism. However, if that activism produces candidates that aren’t able to defeat weak Democrats, then there will be much to dislike, as well.


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