“Truth Is the New Hate Speech”

Pamela Geller runs a web site called Atlas Shrugs. Her primary focus is Islamic terrorism, to which she is adamantly opposed. She also defends Israel against the constant slings and arrows launched against it. Her tone, to be sure, can be strident, but the views she espouses are, for the most part, those of a majority of Americans.
But they apparently are too much for Paypal, which is terminating her account on the ground that Atlas Shrugs “promote[s] hate, violence, [or] racial intolerance.” There is a certain irony here, in that Pamela is a fierce opponent of actual hate, violence and intolerance as manifested by jihadists and their supporters.
As Pamela points out, Paypal is not exactly consistent in its evaluation of “hate” sites. Revolution Muslim, for example, uses Paypal.
One can surmise that Paypal’s action against Atlas Shrugs was prompted by complaints from pro-terrorist elements. Be that as it may, it is undoubtedly one small part of a broad effort to stigmatize and delegitimize the expression of mainstream, conservative views. (I’m not sure whether Pamela is a conservative or not, but her anti-terrorist stance represents a key element of contemporary conservatism.) If you would like to complain to Paypal or support Pamela’s work, follow the link above for instructions.