World Cup questions

If Argentina wins the World Cup, which will be the more remarkable coaching accomplishment by Diego Maradona, leading Argentina to victory or nearly failing to qualify with so outstanding a talent pool at his disposal?
If the success of South American teams continues, will that continent finally get six automatic bids to the World Cup (presently it has four, plus the opportunity to play a North American team for a fifth slot)?
If Africa is unable to qualify more than two of six teams in a tournament played in Africa, will that continent finally be limited to four automatic bids (currently it has five, with six teams participating this year because South Africa, as the host, received an automatic bid)?
If Africa’s poor showing continues,will their be rioting, as there was in several African nations that crashed out of the 1998 tournament?
After what he witnessed while coaching France in Euro-2008, why did Raymond Domenech think that Eric Abidal could succeed at center-back in this World Cup?
By what multiple of three would Nigeria have defeated Greece if that Nigerian player had not been sent off?
Who put up a no-trespassing sign on the right flank of the U.S. attacking end during the first half of today’s U.S.-Slovenia match?
How clever was it for Landon Donovan to figure out that the way to cope with the soaring new ball being used in the World Cup is to dribble close to the goal-keeper and then hit a rising blast over his head and into the top of the goal?
If the U.S. fails to advance out of the group stages, will President Obama coerce that Maliian referee to create a fund with which to compensate American fans who bought tickets for the next round?
If a country of two million people like Slovenia can produce a decent national side, why can’t a nation of 300 million people produce a good holding midfielder?


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