Another Sign of the Apocalypse

I took the day off today because all of my brothers and my parents are in town for the weekend. This morning one of my brothers, his son and I went to our local gym to lift some weights. There was a young woman working at the desk; we thought we would have to pay a guest fee (we didn’t, as it turned out) and my brother offered a $50 bill. She declined, but on an impulse I held it up and asked whether she knew who was pictured on it. She looked at the picture and shook her head. “It’s Ulysses Grant,” I said. “Do you know who he was?” She admitted a little apologetically that she had no idea. “You don’t recall ever hearing of him?” Nope.
So, what exactly do they teach in school these days? If not the Civil War, then what? It’s hard to believe that a country has much of a future, that doesn’t bother to teach its children about its past.
PAUL adds: They teach “Black History Month.” But you’d think that Grant could get an honorable mention even in that curriculum.