Is This the Best They’ve Got?

On its web site, the NAACP promotes its resolution accusing the Tea Party of being racist:

The resolution came after a year of high-profile media coverage of attendees of Tea Party marches using vile, antagonistic racial slurs & images.

Really? The NAACP’s blog post is accompanied by seven photos, all of which are credited to Think Progress, a far-left web site. These photos evidently comprise the best evidence the NAACP has to support its claims against the Tea Party movement.
It is striking how weak that evidence is. Not a single one of the images is clearly racist (even assuming that they all came from Tea Party events; there is no way to tell that). One uses the N-word, but not as a reference to Obama. Rather, it describe taxpayers; Congress, not Obama, is the “slave owner.” One sign shows President Obama as Hitler. That may be offensive, but it simply isn’t racist–just as when, on thousands of occasions, liberals portrayed President Bush as Hitler, it was outrageous but not racist.
Another photo shows a sign that says, “The American taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s ovens.” Again, that statement is hyperbolic and many would find it offensive, but it has nothing to do with race. Other signs I simply don’t understand; one says, “Obama What you talkin about Willis? Spend my money?” The NCAAP thinks that is a racial reference, but it’s too obscure for most of us, like this one: “The long legged mack daddy.” I learned from a Google search that a “mack daddy” is a pimp. Again, a crude term at best, but virtually every politician has been called worse.
Basically, the NCAAP seems to think that any harsh criticism of President Obama is “racist.” But all presidents are criticized harshly; often unfairly so. The NCAAP is trying to extend a special zone of protection around Obama, an effort that is doomed to failure. And its reliance on Think Progress doesn’t inspire confidence. That site has faked video evidence to try to support the claim that the Tea Party is “racist.”
Are Americans dumb enough to fall for this dodge? I doubt it. My guess is that only true believers take seriously the claim that those who are concerned about out-of-control government spending are “racists.”


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