“It’s Not Over Because of the Ball”

If you’re 19, you’ve probably already seen this video, but it just cracked the news ‘sphere today. Which is to say, I saw it on Hot Air a little while ago. If you’ve ever wondered what it would take for your manliness to be insulted by CBS, we’ve just found the answer. A guy takes his girlfriend to a baseball game; the batter hits a high but lazy foul popup straight toward them; he stands up and makes as though to catch the ball, but ditches at the last moment; the ball hits his girlfriend:

This is actually an issue that has a lot of resonance for me. My wife and I go to quite a few baseball games, and one thing she has always made crystal clear is that my principal function is to sacrifice my body if a foul ball comes our way. I don’t have to catch it–the chance of that is slim, especially without a glove–but I’d sure as heck better let it hit me rather than her. Fortunately I’ve never been called on to block a foul ball, but I’d hate to contemplate the effects of failure.
In the case of this particular pair, they are a former couple. The young lady assures CBS that the fact that her ex-boyfriend bailed and let the foul ball hit her was not the cause of the breakup–“It’s not over because of the ball,” she says. Sure. Like anyone will believe that. It’s good to know that every now and then, it still pays to be a macho guy; macho enough, anyway, to take one for the girlfriend.
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