The long “bon soir”

Identifying the world’s dumbest entertainer is a tall order – more difficult, I imagine, even than it must have been to select the lewdest resident of Sodom and Gomorrah. Over the past eight years, we’ve identified plenty of candidates, most from these shores with a few Brits sprinkled in.
But Emily Esfahani Smith at Ricochet has identified a more exotic candidate of whom I was not aware — Haifa Wehbe, the Lebanese singer, model, and sex icon (or “sex kitten” to use the older and richer, but less politically correct, phrase). According to

]Wehbe’s] fame rests on sex appeal and outrageous rumours that have made her an Arab tabloid favourite. She has even taken part in a reality television celebrity show.
Haifa stormed on to the small screen a few years ago to win popularity in the Arab world for music videos relying heavily on saucy outfits which religious conservatives consider scandalous.
For her Jounieh concert, Haifa sauntered from her black Mercedes to her dressing room wearing a skin-tight navy blue tracksuit and black stiletto heels, greeting journalists and backstage workers with a sultry “Bonsoir”.

All of this would make Wehbe dumb like a fox, but for this fact: she is a serious supporter of Hezbollah and a fan of its leader, Hassan Nasrallah. Indeed, Wehbe has said that she is under Nasrallah’s “command.”
Hezbollah does not reciprocate. Its television channel excludes female singers. And when Wehbe tried to sign up for a women’s flotilla to Gaza, Hezbollah rejected her on the grounds that her “immodest attire [would] harm the reputation of all the women participating on the trip.”
Heck, Wehbe presumably doesn’t even make it into the official martyr’s fantasy of 72 virgins, though individual martyrs may unofficially include her.
If Wehbe has stopped to contemplate how she would fare under the full theocratic rule Hezbollah would kill to impose, there’s no evidence of it in the reports I’ve read. Maybe she thinks she would get by on her sultry “bon soir.”
JOHN adds: OK, so we need a picture:


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