In search of lost leftists — Kilroy was there

In the film clip below, from 1993, a pretentious leftist French film maker takes a “sentimental journey” back to the U.S. to catch up with, and pay homage to, the “dissidents” on the American left. One of these dissidents turns out to be Mary Jo Kilroy, now a Congresswoman from Ohio.
Kilroy explains that the “left” needs to push its views “out of our own circle,” and that she is working to accomplish this through a lefty newspaper and through electoral politics. If you look quickly at the shot of her newspaper, you’ll see a reference to a Palestinian state. In Congress, Kilroy has been anti-Israel.
Come next year, Kilroy may be back to peddling free newspapers. In any event, I’m pretty sure she won’t be in Congress and, given her district (in and around Columbus, Ohio) it’s rather amazing that she ever was.

Via NRO’s Battle 2010.


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