Large Lake + Small Boat = Vacation

I hadn’t taken a vacation for several years, so we were long overdue for a week in the North Woods. Our favorite northern spot is Lake Vermilion. Vermilion is the fifth-largest lake in Minnesota–a little larger than, for example, the Sea of Galilee. But unlike, say, Mille Lacs, it is full of bays and islands that make it endlessly interesting. As usual at the end of the summer up north, the weather was highly variable–up to 90 degrees the first two days we were there; then a cold front moved in, and the temperature bottomed out in the low 30s. Following the maxim that if you have to shave it isn’t a vacation, I didn’t.
Any time I spend a week driving a fishing boat around a big lake, I feel like I’ve had a summer:
All four kids were with us, which isn’t easy to achieve these days. My daughters always enjoy a long pontoon boat ride:
The fishing was great this year, mostly because my son, unlike me, actually knows how to fish. We caught lots of northerns and bass:
Through the miracle of North Woods wi-fi, I was even able to do a post now and then. Altogether, it was a great vacation. And it came at an opportune time: I am in the midst of the busiest year of my career thus far. This is why I haven’t been posting as much as usual, and that will probably continue; my contributions to this site will most likely be sporadic until around Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, it’s back to work.


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