Annals of government medicine

Last week in “Socialized failure” I linked to John Hinderaker’s long-running series of posts titled “Annals of Government Medicine” via the Google search function on our site. Reader Andrew Garland thought that the search link failed to do the collection justice, so he organized the posts and added summaries. “I want such information to have the greatest impact and to be easily accessible,” he writes. Mr. Garland has provided summaries of the installments of John’s series with links to the posts here.
John’s series has focused on socialized medicine in the United Kingdom. Unless we do something about it soon, Obamacare will bring full-bore government medicine to the United States. It is already leading to what Michael Barone has dubbed “gangster government.” Yesterday Barone flagged “A primer on gangster government,” referring to a Heritage Foundation report on Obamacare by John Hoff.


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