The limited utility of Pelosi’s long memory

With Speaker Pelosi increasingly becoming a punching bag for House Democrats hoping to retain their seats notwithstanding their leader’s unpopularity, Politico wonders whether those doing the punching will face punishment from Pelosi after the election. According to several of Politico’s sources, Pelosi has a long memory when it comes to manifestations of disrespect.
My sense, however, is that disrespectful House Dems don’t have much to worry about this time. More likely than not, the Republicans will take control of the House and Pelosi will be replaced as her party’s leader in that chamber. The next most likely scenario is that the Dems will retain a narrow majority. In that case, Pelosi will need to placate the surviving moderate members of her caucus, including the ones who are now taking shots at her, lest they defect.
In any event, House Dems in Republican or swing districts know they will have more power if they are elected and then mistreated by Pelosi than if they are defeated due to the wave of anti-Pelosi sentiment sweeping through such districts.


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